With all of the hulaballoo about Apples new iwatch the Android smartwatch is google’s answer to the competition.

It is one of the many things that you might use. It is simply one of the new offerings from google. You do not need your smart phone nearby t, as long as you have a wifi network to pull information from you should be fine. You can receive email messages,notifications and the like with the watch. The phone and the watch don’t need to be connected to the same network. It is simply one of the ways that keeping up with the Jones’s. In this case, te Jones being Apple. This is the way the phone can benefit you. This is a unique smart watch and one that you do not need to have a cellphone for. Make sure that you have the opitons you may need with a smarthphone watch that allows you to get the benefit, of being in a network. It is one of the innovative technological options that can be found. Look at his as an innovative venture by google.

Google has had trouble in the smartwatch market only grabbing a 16 percent share. This is their according to their latest innovations Android wear. Another important thing to know about the new watch is that it is increasingly in popularity due to the advent of the new iwatch. It has brought attention to the whole smartphone epic. It is imply one of the things to look forward to and use. Unlike the Apple Watch as long as wi fi is available as mentioned, you can use an option to charge your phone. Another player in the wearable device market is Samsung. IT’s Gear S is sponsored by a special software and is a competitor to Google’s Android wear.

These are the options you are looking forward to. It is the option you need when you are looking for a quality watch that you can wear. These are simply some of the things that you may need in order to have a smart watch that is as easy to use, and as functional as possible. Make sure that you have the things you need. It is just one of the options you need and can use.

Make sure that you get the quality options that you are looking forward to, from Google. They are even planning an LG Urbane watch which allows you to get information over the internet.